Pathology Australia today welcomed the appointment of Greg Hunt to the position of Minister for Health and Minister for Sport

PA Chief Executive Officer, Ms Liesel Wett, said that Pathology Australia has had a productive working relationship with the Government and the Ministry and now looked forward to this continuing into the future with Minister Hunt.

“Mr Hunt has been a successful Minister within the Turnbull Government. His experience makes for a good grounding to address the many challenges of the health portfolio in general, and the pathology sector’s essential role in particular,” Ms Wett said.

“We look forward to working with the Minister and our GP colleagues on the implementation of the agreement reached with the Turnbull Government in May of last year. We will be seeking early engagement with the new Health Minister and his office to review the timelines for this critical improvement and change to Pathology Collection Centres.”

Pathology services are critical in the assessment and diagnosis of patients and 70 per cent of medical decisions and 100 per cent of cancer diagnoses rely on pathology tests.

Pathology is crucial in the management of most diseases and cancer, especially chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, hepatitis and HIV.

“Pathology is an essential medical service in the healthcare system in Australia that is supported by government and we look forward to working with Minister Hunt to ensure pathology continues and grows its critical and essential role in our healthcare system,” Ms Wett said.

PA also thanked the outgoing Minister Sussan Ley for her work with the Pathology sector and her support for the development of good health policy on issues relevant to Pathology service delivery to all Australians, throughout her term as Minister.

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