Why Pathology is Important

Pathology testing helps doctors make accurate decisions about the diagnosis and treatment of their patients. This helps keep people healthier for longer and avoid unnecessary delays in accessing the best possible treatment for their condition. It also helps people with diseases find out how their treatment is working and to avoid suffering unnecessary side-effects from inappropriate treatments

Pathology testing also plays an essential part in screening and disease prevention programs which promote the overall health and wellbeing of our community.

These programs range from testing new born babies for genetic conditions which can be treated successfully, if identified early, to the detection of precancerous conditions, such as Pap smear screening, which, in Australia, has resulted in the reduction of the incidence of cancer of the cervix by more than 50%.

By reducing the impact of preventable and treatable diseases in the community, the pathology sector is helping to create a healthier future for all Australians.