Don’t Kill Bulk Bill

Pathology Australia, representing all private pathology providers, announced today that its consumer campaign opposing the Government’s cuts to bulk billing for pathology services kicks off today in all 5000-plus pathology collection centres.

Grattan Report – the Real Pathology Facts

The Pathology sector today has refuted the facts outlined in the Grattan report on the payment for Pathology Services. Pathology Australia has completed an initial review, and what is clear is that most of the data used in the opinion piece is incorrect and incomplete.

As a result the conclusions drawn are also incorrect and the recommendations are invalid.

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Pathology Australia calls for no more cuts

Patients are in danger of missing out on getting their pap smears and their life-saving blood tests if the proposed $650 million in cuts to pathology and diagnostic imagining are not reversed.

 The warning came from Pathology Australia today in its pre-budget submission which warned the sector had provided savings to the government for many years but “enough is enough”.

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